About the project:

The idea came up in the beginning of 2015 when Ljósop decided to do a small project for The Weekend of Museums in Reykjanesbær. At first, the goal was to take 5 – 10 portraits of some strong characters, and in late January we started testing with photo samples and developing the postproduction style.

In the Weekend of Museums that was held last March we exhibited about 20 photos in Ljósop‘s workshop and we also photographed visitors that dropped by to see the exhibition.

Soon, we realized this was a project that could go far. After The Weekend of Museums we decided to take it to the next level and try to photograph a larger group of people and capture like a scan of all the people of Reykjensbær. The project expanded and shortly we had over 1000 portraits.

The town‘s participation increased a great deal after it was decided that ,,The Towns faces“  would become the years Light of Nights exhibition in The Reykjanes Art Museum. On the last open house day where people were invited to come and get their picture taken, we photographed over 160 people. Not everybody could participate but the project will continue next fall and winter.  We have also visited the nursing home Nesvellir and the rehabilitation center where we photographed the staff and residents who could not visit us.

The Light of Nights exhibition is funded with grants from institutions and firms in Reykjanesbær, and also with the profit of sold photographs on the club‘s website. We want to thank the Reykjanes Development fund, Reykjanes Art Museum, the Duty Free Store, and Merking ehf, who printed the 300 photos in the exhibition.

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Project details:

Date: 17 May 2015
Category: People, Photography
Technique: Canon 5D MII